Why should you make a will?

Some people believe that the will is necessary only for the richest people or for those with huge assets. The truth is that all of us have reasons to think about the will and I will tell you about it now.


It’s not necessary to have a castle in an English county, it’s about the small savings you gathered in your bank account, your house, or just a simple car you own.

What do you think it happens after a person’s death?

You may think that any of your friends or family can use your car or credit card if they know the PIN-code.

Unfortunately, that’s illegal!

If you do not have a will, the court will decide for you how your property and assets will be distributed. And that’s not what you want to happen, so it’s to make a will.

Spouse & children

Who do you think will become children’s guardian in the event of the death of both parents?

Will a loving grandmother or aunt come and take care of the children?

Unfortunately, no. If they do not have official guardianship, the court will decide who to appoint the guardian of your children.

It’s very common nowadays for couples to prefer civil partnership instead of marriage to avoid formalities.

You have a home, children and believe that doesn’t matter whose bank account you use for your income and expenses, as you trust each other.

What could happen in case you or your partner happens to suffer of a mental disability, who will decide your future fate?

You already know the answer, the court!

If you do not have a will, your partner will not be able to inherit the common property and will not be able to take care of you.

The court will decide your guardian.

So it’s time to make a WILL!

The will and guardianship are FREE for all Financial Agent Partnership clients!